Plastics processing Plastics processing

Plastics processing

Machinery stock at Plastic Processing Department include modern machinery for thermoplastic and thermosetting treatment, all numerically controlled. We use it to make a very wide range of products both for our own needs and for our clients. We have experienced and qualified staff. The variety of machines and their parameters allows for the production of mouldings from a few grams to over 800 g.

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KEL-MET Jarosław Kieler
Przedsiębiorstwo Produkcyjno Usługowo-Handlowe
Zakład Pracy Chronionej
ul. Gminna 5
92-601 Łódź

Telefony kontaktowe:
tel.: +48 42 648 88 98;   tel: +48 42 648 88 70;
tel. kom. 693 340 111
handlowyatkelmet [dot] pl
kelmetatkelmet [dot] pl

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