Tools construction

Tools construction

Our company has been specializing in the production of various tools. Starting from the injection moulds through blanking tools, stamping dies, crimping dies, forging dies, up to unusual tools supporting production such as fittings, control and measurement devices or checkers and others.

Thanks to well-equipped tool room and advanced CAD and CAM designing, we make tools both for our own needs and for external orders. Given our experience, knowledge and high technical culture, different companies – including large corporations – entrust us with manufacturing, repairs, modifications and maintenance of their tools.


KEL-MET Jarosław Kieler
Przedsiębiorstwo Produkcyjno Usługowo-Handlowe
Zakład Pracy Chronionej
ul. Gminna 5
92-601 Łódź

Telefony kontaktowe:
tel.: +48 42 648 88 98;   tel: +48 42 648 88 70;
tel. kom. 693 340 111
handlowyatkelmet [dot] pl
kelmetatkelmet [dot] pl

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